KMSNJA Psychologia 2018/2019 Magdalena Kaczmarek

e-learning do zajęć z Psychologii uczenia się i Psychologii różnic indywidualnych 2016/17

Psychology of immigration and migrants’ acculturation 2018/2019 P. Boski

This is a module for Global Minds, Master degree students in psychology.

Migrations belong to the most important global processes of our days. Hundred millions of people are affected by various types of temporary or permanent movements across country borders. There are political and economic causes and effects of mass migrations.  Many disciplines in social sciences try to understand and to - somehow - control these phenomena. Not only economic and political sciences, but also demography, sociology, social geography, cultural sciences, and - of course - psychology.

            Psychology is interested to study human adaptation to different socio-cultural environment in the host country, considering a different background of the culture of origin.

            Psychology is interested in finding evidence on becoming a bi-cultural individual in a multicultural world, and on coping mechanisms during the process of acculturation.


            But, psychology of acculturation is not only a research discipline. Indeed, it is   foremost an applied field of cross-cultural psychology. More and more often psychologists work with international sojourners (e.g. university students), international corporations, and with immigrants (usually through NGOs), facilitating individual and/or organizational adaptation to cultural plurality.

            Our module offers both research and applied perspectives on migrations and acculturation. It is a fascinating intellectual experience especially for international students, who are - like most of you - in the process of acculturation.  Studying this module, you are getting an intellectual compass to your own life.